PMC Heritage Conservation Committee

Under the provisions of Section 37(1) of the MRTP Act of 1966, and as per the Government of Maharashtra directive No. 1891/291/CR-91/UD-13 dated March 1991, modifications were made to the 1987 Development Control Rules of Pune City to propose the creation of Heritage Committee. It was appointed in 1995 by the then Municipal Commissioner of Pune. The role of this nine member Heritage Committee was to list the heritage sites of Pune and grade them as per their heritage value and structural conditions, the committee was also expected to draft regulations for the development and re-development of heritage buildings.

A list of built heritage and natural heritage was thus prepared along with the draft heritage regulations. It was first published in 1998 in a notice calling for public suggestions and objections.  PMC failed to submit the modification to the DC Rules after hearing suggestions and objections received within one month from the publication of the notice. Hence, the Government of Maharashtra issued a fresh notice dated 9 November 2000 under Section 37 (1A) of MRTP Act (1966) inviting suggestions and objections as above. In spite of this process, the Government has not published a Gazette in this regard so far.

Letter no. MCO/91 dated 25 April 2002 from then Municipal Commissioner, Pune addressed to the City Engineer PMC indicates, “…till such time that the Government finalises the heritage list, the Draft Heritage List and the Draft Heritage Regulations for Pune should be followed and development permissions to sites on the draft heritage list should be given only after consulting the Heritage Conservation Committee”[2].

Metro Study found that the Heritage list included in the Draft DP has several sites whose location details are unknown. It is also observed that much of listed heritage sites have disappeared over time. The fate of Pune’s heritage now lies in the fate of the Development Plan for Pune. In the following section we look at the framework of Heritage in proposed development plan.


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