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Heritage in Draft Development Plan: A Critique

This article is based on my inputs to Janwani’s analysis of the Draft DP that culminated into suggestions for modifications submitted to the PMC in 2014. I may have added or changed some parts before posting here. Municipalities have within their scope and function, the ‘promotion of cultural, educational and aesthetic aspects’ of a city and […]

PMC Heritage Conservation Committee

Under the provisions of Section 37(1) of the MRTP Act of 1966, and as per the Government of Maharashtra directive No. 1891/291/CR-91/UD-13 dated March 1991, modifications were made to the 1987 Development Control Rules of Pune City to propose the creation of Heritage Committee. It was appointed in 1995 by the then Municipal Commissioner of […]

Impact of proposed Metro on Pune’s heritage

The proposed Pune Metro routes traverse through the historic landscape of the city that is rich in its heritage value. Pune has 246 listed heritage sites. There are wadas, chawls, temples and other religious sites, market buildings, bridges, educational institutes, water tanks, streetscapes and many other structures. Of these listed heritage sites there are 77 […]

National and State Heritage Laws for Heritage

It is imperative for the development plan of Pune to look at the protected areas, regulated or prohibited areas of heritage value, defined under the national and state laws for heritage, as any development in such areas needs to be done with greater caution and care so as to not disturb or damage the heritage […]

Economics of Pune Metro

Pune Metro project is by far the most expensive urban transport infrastructure development proposed in the history of Pune. In 2009 the estimated cost of the Project was INR 7,984 core (inclusive of central taxes). In August 2014 the estimates were revised and a 45% cost escalation raised the total project expense to be INR 10,869 crores. […]

Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966

World Heritage sites, National Monuments and monuments listed by the State Archaeology Department have dedicated national and state laws for protection. The local urban heritage is protected under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966. It is this enactment that brings within its scope, if not as primary but ancillary, the protection and preservation of heritage structures in the city […]

List of heritage buildings in MIZ